Scale-Up Asia 2018: Inspiration Behind Founder’s Successful Story, Participating in Fostering Indonesia’s Economic Growth

Endeavor Indonesia – a not for profit organization focusing on building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia – is back again with its annual event Scale-Up Asia 2018 on March 28 at The Hall Ballroom, Senayan City. Carrying “50 Shades of Scale-Up” theme, this event shared inspirational story of successful founders and how they can create positive impact for Indonesia’s economic growth, particularly in creative industry.

As a part of Endeavor Global network that has successfully created more than 700.000 high-quality jobs around the world, Endeavor Indonesia aims to spread positive impact in economic and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia through High-Impact Entrepreneurship (HIE). As per today, as many as 38 entrepreneurs from 30 companies have been selected and becoming Endeavor Entrepreneur. They are assessed to have the potential to scaling up their business and double the impact for Indonesia’s economic growth, high-quality jobs creation and the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia.

29749927_1638635962918675_6031415445844939614_oHarun Hajadi, Chairman of Endeavor Indonesia, stated, “In order to create a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, an inspiring role model is an essential factor, beside two other factors, like access to mentor and capital. Therefore, HIE’s role is vital, because they influences other young founders or entrepreneurs through their successful story, as well as gives direct counseling through mentoring session as in Scale-Up Clinic, which also facilitated by Endeavor”.

According to Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU) on July 2017, the development of Indonesian business actors is very limited – only 1.6 to 1.8 percent of all Indonesian population. Syarkawi Rauf, as the Head of KPPU regrets the lack of Indonesian business actors. Syarkawi agrees that business actors are one of the largest contributors to Indonesian economic growth.

Hari Sungkari as the Deputy Chairman of Infrastructure, Indonesia Agency of Creative Economy (BEKRAF), responded, “We cannot close our eyes that entrepreneurs in Indonesia, particularly from creative industry, are having various challenges in accelerating their business. Some of the challenges are difficulty in accessing capital, low investor confidence, limited high-quality management and role model, and lack of access to the wider network. It is our hope that this series of Scale-Up Asia 2018 can contribute and respond to the young entrepreneur’s need in Indonesia.”

29982844_1638635656252039_3096219294536450249_oEndeavor Indonesia, with a full support from respected partners like BEKRAF, Maybank Indonesia, Grab Indonesia, Tokopedia, Acer and other partners, expects that Scale-Up Asia 2018 can inspire young entrepreneurs in Indonesia and wider society so they will have the thought “If they can do it, I can do it.” Endeavor Indonesia hopes that these successful story of seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders in Scale-Up Asia 2018 can boost their spirit to not only become business actors but also scaling their business to create larger positive impact for economic and social.

Taswin Zakaria, President Director of Maybank Indonesia, fully supports Scale-Up Asia 2018. “Endeavor Indonesia’s mission to support entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia through Scale-Up Asia 2018 is align with the spirit of Maybank Indonesia in fostering national economic growth. The development of strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia is one of the things that Maybank is really concerned about. Because of these values, apart from our own initiatives from Maybank, we have supported the high-impact entrepreneurship movement pioneered by Endeavor over the past few years.”


Becoming partner of Endeavor Indonesia, Mediko Azwar as the Marketing Director of Grab Indonesia, expressed his support to Scale-Up Asia 2018. “Grab, the leading on-demand transportation and mobile payments platform in Southeast Asia, was born from the spirit of the two co-founders who intended to provide a safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation solution for everyone. Thanks to entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create positive impact to all customers and partners involved, Grab has now expanded to nearly 200 cities in 8 countries in Southeast Asia. We hope that all participants of Scale-Up Asia 2018 can learn and get insights to grow their business.”

Scale-Up Asia 2018 presents seasoned entrepreneurs that have successfully scaling their business and creating high impact, as speakers. They are coming from various background and business sectors, tech or non tech, B2C and B2B, as well as from local and overseas. Among speakers are Achmad Zaky and M.Fajrin Rasyid – Founder of Bukalapak; Stefanie Kurniadi from CRP Group (Warunk Upnormal, Nasi Goreng Mafia, etc.); Carline Darjanto – Founder and CEO of Cotton Ink; Azran Osman-Rani – former CEO of iFlix and AirAsia X (Malaysia); Nix Nolledo – Chairman and CEO Xurpas (Philippine), Irzan Raditya, and many more. The diversity of speakers presented by Endeavor Indonesia aims to enrich the participants with inspirational stories from various sectors and background so that it can connect with various profiles of participants, which is more varied, and participants will be able to apply the knowledge gained from the event on their own business.



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Scale-Up Asia 2018 memiliki sejumlah rangkaian acara yang bertemakan High-Impact Entreprepreneurship. Diadakan 2 hari berturut-turut di 27-28 Maret 2018, acara ini dihadiri sejumlah 1,500+ peserta mulai dari pelaku dan pemimpin bisnis, wirausaha, investor, komuitas wirausaha, pelajar, dan umum.

Endeavor Indonesia 6th Anniversary Cocktail Dinner

Celebrating Endeavor Indonesia 6th year anniversary, the cocktail dinner invited Endeavor Indonesia’s close network, family, and friends to experience the spirit of High-Impact Entrepreneurship. Sati Rasuanto, Endeavor Indonesia Managing Director gave a warm welcoming speech followed by Svida Alisjahbana (Femina Group) as a representative of Endeavor Indonesia board member.

As we all know, mentorship is the heart of Endeavor. That night Endeavor Indonesia awarded two of our mentors Sylvano Damanik (KornFery Hay Group Indonesia) and Noni Purnomo (Blue Bird Group Holding) for their amazing contribution. Endeavor Entrepreneurs duo Achmad Zaky and Fajrin Rasyid from Bukalapak were awarded Endeavor Entrepreneur of The Year 2017.

More about the ambiance in cocktail gathering can be seen in this photo album.



Endeavor Entrepreneurs to Ecosystem (EE2E)

EE2E (Endeavor Entrepreneurs to Ecosystem) is designed for Endeavor Entrepreneurs to provide them with the opportunity to have a closer look at the Indonesian market & business climate by exposing them to the country’s business leaders, investors & entrepreneurs. It is also includes visits to 2 high-growth Indonesian tech companies Bukalapak and GO-JEK. Take a look at the recap of the event here.




Scale-Up Clinic 2018

Endeavor helps entrepreneurs become High-Impact Entrepreneurs by providing an unrivaled network of seasoned business leaders, who provide the key ingredients to entrepreneurial success, which are mentorship, strategic advice, networks, and inspirations. Prior to that, Endeavor Indonesia held Scale Up Clinic 2018 as a part of the annual event (Scale Up Asia 2018), to facilitate high-impact entrepreneurs meet seasoned expert from Indonesia and beyond.

There are over 60 mentors, over 50 mentees from 30 companies had joined in Scale-Up Clinic 2018. These mentoring sessions (40-45 minutes each) invited mentors from numerous background and companies such as Maybank, Freemantle Media, GO-JEK, GE Indonesia, IBM Indonesia, Nutrifood, Microsoft, and other renowned companies.  This year’s Scale-Up Clinic have several topics to be chosen by mentees; Sales, Marketplace & Business Strategy, Talent & Legal, Branding & Marketing, and Finance & Fundraising; with over 270+ mentoring hours in total.

Scale-Up Clinic 2018 is supported by BEKRAF as partner and SCTV Studio for the venue. More photos can be seen in our Facebook album.




Scale-Up Conference 2018

Under ’50 Shades of Scaleup’, we’d like to highlight that when it comes to impact and entrepreneurship, there’s no one-size fits all!

From 20+ speakers from Indonesia and beyond, Scale-Up Conference 2018 participants were invited to understand deeper about the world of scaleup through different range of themes, Building Strong Culture and Winning Teams, Living Your Best Startup Life, and Driving and Measuring My Metric for Success.

Tony Fernandes of AirAsia also shared his thoughts about scaleup through exclusive video footage made special for Scale-Up Asia 2018. Check out this photo album to see the fun!