Tricks & Tips • Pitching Makes Perfect: The 5 Do’s

Amazing how small things can make a big difference, especially when pitching [something]. Having a brilliant idea is not enough if you fail to communicate it clearly and concisely. Brata Rafly, our Endeavor mentor has define 5 must do’s that every idea makers needs to consider before they share their great ideas with the public:

1. Gestures Speak Louder

Be present and excited about what you have to share. In order to get that glowing aura, you definitely need to be prepared and confident. Talkative is a must, because it shows that you are passionate and that you really believe in yourself.

2. Straightforward

People enjoy reading novels because they dedicate the time to read it. Selling your pitch is different than selling your novel. Put only bullets and images that represent your idea and your vision for your business. Do more talking instead of literally reading it out loud.

3. One Way is No Way

A successful presentation can be measured by how deep the engagement is. Appreciate people’s presence by ensuring eye contact and getting them to participate. Never be afraid of asking for your audiences’ opinion, because everyone is a learner and you should position yourself as open as possible.

4. To Know is To Love

It is more convenient to talk to people if you know (at least) a bit about them. Try to find some things related to your target audience such, as their background and interests! Then you can weave this information into your speech to ensure the best positive outcome for the meeting.

5. Proper Closure 

A good ending is a great way to close your presentation. Say thank you and give out information about how they can contact you for further follow up. Put your best smile and good attitude, then you know you have done well

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