The Rise of Smart City Startups: Endeavor to Accelerate Their Business through Endeavor Scale Up Batch #5

Jakarta, July 5, 2023 — The emergence of startups as problem solvers using technology continues to grow, and this includes the development of technology to address various issues in cities known as Smart City. Jakarta, as a city with aspirations of becoming a global metropolis, faces numerous challenges that require innovative solutions, from waste management to improving air and water quality. To make a significant impact, it is crucial for startups to receive support and guidance to foster their growth and development.

As a leading global community of High-Impact Entrepreneurs, Endeavor Indonesia is launching the fifth batch of Endeavor Scale Up. This non-dilutive accelerator program offers a unique opportunity for selected startups to connect with valuable resources, founders, and industry leaders within Endeavor’s local and global network. With a focus on startups in the industry and smart city sectors, the fifth batch of Endeavor Scale Up holds even greater significance, as it brings a fresh perspective to the development of startups that aim to enhance the quality of life through seamless services.

Devina Hartono, the Executive Director of Endeavor Indonesia, explained, “Technology plays a vital role in making things more accessible and user-friendly. We can observe various startups providing innovative services, such as Rekosistem, which offers energy and waste management solutions, and others like AMODA that revolutionize conventional construction processes for greater efficiency. However, there are still ongoing challenges that require addressing for a seamless digital transformation and successful implementation of innovation. This is where mentorship plays a critical role in providing invaluable guidance and support.”

“Among the many startups that applied, we specifically selected those fully focused on the Indonesian market, leading companies with rapid growth. Through Endeavor Scale Up, we aim to support the growth of the most promising and fastest-growing entrepreneurs and startups, fostering a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem in the market. Ultimately, the Scale Up program serves as a bridge for potential entrepreneurs to become future Endeavor Entrepreneurs (EE), benefiting from Endeavor’s extensive range of services,” added Devina.


For the Scale Up Batch 5 program, Endeavor has invited experienced mentors, including those with expertise in the smart city sector, such as Rudy Halim, Director and CEO of Real Estate Business at PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk, and Julianto Sidarto, Independent Commissioner of PT XL Axiata Tbk. The selected participants will enjoy valuable benefits over the next five months. These include three exclusive mentoring sessions with experienced mentors, three sharing sessions in the “Founder to Founder Forum” alongside Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and three learning sessions in the Scale Up Academy covering various topics. Additionally, participants will gain access to Endeavor’s investor network and receive a dedicated account manager from the Endeavor Indonesia team.

Alongside startups focusing on smart cities, the selected batch includes startups from various industries and backgrounds, such as agriculture, financial services, commerce, enterprise software and services, food and beverages, and manufacturing. Here is the complete list of the 20 selected startups in Endeavor Scale Up Batch 5:

  1. Amoda
  2. Arummi Foods
  3. Baskit
  4. Durianpay
  5. Elevarm
  6. Finfra
  7. Fintelite by Sribuu
  8. Grouu
  9. Imajin
  10.  KaryaKarsa
  11.  Kitalulus
  12.  Komerce
  13.  Orange Dental
  14.  Pintar
  15.  Rekosistem
  16.  ReturnKey
  17.  Tokban
  18. UENA
  19. Unravel carbon
  20. Wifkain

For entrepreneurs seeking to make significant strides in their business journey, Endeavor Scale Up provides invaluable opportunities. With access to an extensive network, experienced mentors, and support from fellow entrepreneurs, this program aims to help businesses scale up and assist startup founders in becoming better leaders.

Dima Djani, CEO of ALAMI Group and a participant in a previous batch, shared his experience, stating, “The best aspect of this program is the mentorship and connections with incredible individuals in the industry. As a founder who started from scratch, hearing similar stories from other founders was immensely beneficial.”

About Endeavor

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Endeavor launched in Indonesia in 2012 and, to date, has selected and supported 87 leading EEs from 61 companies (as of May 2023). Some notable entrepreneurs include the founders and CEOs of eFishery, Kopi Kenangan,, Evermos, Shipper, Female Daily Network, Waresix, Cottonink, Pinhome, and many others. These entrepreneurs receive support from over 80 business leaders within our local network and over 3,000 connections worldwide as mentors.

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