Endeavor Selects 37 Entrepreneurs from 15 Markets at the 90th International Selection Panel in Atlanta

Endeavor selected 37 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 21 companies from 15 markets at the 90th International Selection Panel (ISP) in Atlanta, Georgia, held September 23-25, 2019, including the first company to join the network from Northwest Arkansas. Endeavor now supports 1,967 entrepreneurs leading 1,227 companies in 35 markets around the world.

The ISP is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step selection process to identify high-impact entrepreneurs who demonstrate the potential to leverage Endeavor’s resources and mentorship to create large-scale wealth and jobs, and are committed to reinvesting their time and money in their local entrepreneurship ecosystems to help others take off.

atlantaOver the course of the three-day event, panelists drawn from Endeavor’s extensive network of board members, mentors, supporters, and experienced Endeavor Entrepreneurs, interview entrepreneur candidates about their businesses, evaluating them on their potential for high-impact growth, and deliberating on which candidates should be selected to become Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Panelists must vote unanimously for a candidate to become an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

“The ISP represents the heart and soul of the Endeavor experience, where today’s business leaders dedicate their time and expertise to lifting up the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs,” said Endeavor Co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “We look forward to supporting the newest Endeavor Entrepreneurs in their journeys to scale, and welcoming them into our global network!”

Once selected, Endeavor Entrepreneurs gain access to comprehensive customized services, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms who will help them address key needs.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of impact. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created 3 million jobs, generated $20 billion in revenue in 2018, and help build sustainable growth models in their home countries.

Cox Enterprises was the presenting sponsor of Endeavor’s International Selection Panel in Atlanta. Additional sponsors included Aprio, Metro Atlanta Chamber, TechCXO, and Pacific Western Bank.

In 2019, ISPs will be held in Istanbul (October 21-23) and Riviera Maya (December 11-13). For more information on these events, please contact ISP@endeavor.org.

Learn more about the companies and entrepreneurs selected in Atlanta below:


Company: Fleetio
Entrepreneur: Tony Summerville
Description: In North America alone, 2.3M+ vehicles are purchased for business purposes every year. Delivery trucks, cargo vans, and all vehicles in between are essential assets for many successful companies. However, managing these fleets of vehicles can be chaotic, stressful and inefficient for the average business owner. Spreadsheets and whiteboards, the original fleet tracking solutions, have become invariably ineffective for tracking vehicle needs. Without proper fleet management, organizations waste thousands of dollars due to vehicle downtime caused by lack of preventative maintenance. Fleetio entered the $565B fleet management market as a software as a service (SaaS) application with a core focus on businesses with small-to-medium sized fleets. The company’s ultimate goal is to become the Salesforce for fleets – a central hub for managing all aspects of companies’ fleet maintenance.

Company: GreenPrint
Entrepreneur: Pete Davis
Description: Although today’s headlines are dominated by mentions of clean energy and electric vehicles, the world still runs on oil and gas. With consumer and regulatory bodies demanding more environmentally sustainable solutions, companies who operate in fossil fuel dominated fields require scalable ways to offset their carbon emissions. Enter GreenPrint, an environmental technology company providing sustainability-as-a-service to help companies reduce their carbon footprint and market their green efforts to maximize sales. GreenPrint offers the world’s first reduced fuel emissions program for fuel-reliant companies like convenience store chains, fuel retailers and corporate fleets.


Company: Arquivei
Entrepreneurs: Christian de Cico, Bruno Oliveira and Isis Rafael Abbud
Description: Brazil’s digital bookkeeping program requires companies of every size and sector to document their B2B transactions with a complex electronic invoicing system. Arquivei is a SaaS platform that automates and streamlines the administrative work required to comply with this regulation, saving clients time and protecting them from expensive non-compliance penalties. In addition, Arquivei analyzes data from clients’ e-invoices, enabling them to extract valuable insights and find opportunities to improve.

Company: Dito
Entrepreneurs: Andre Fonseca and Bruno Alves
Description: Dito is an omnichannel customer retention platform that helps medium to large retail companies engage with both online and offline consumers. Dito offers cutting-edge campaign management through an online software as a service (SaaS) platform, as well as in-store sales assistance to build a holistic view of customers’ journeys with brands. With e-commerce in Brazil accounting for only 3% of retail sales, the offline component of the platform is essential to a holistic customer retention strategy. In Brazil, where the retail consumer goods market represents 20.8% of the GDP, or $356B, there is a huge opportunity to empower retailers with the technology they need to establish lasting relationships with customers and encourage brand loyalty.


Company: Burn to Give
Entrepreneurs: David Alvo, Eduardo della Maggiora and Cristobal della Maggiora
Description: Burn to Give is a platform that allows fitness enthusiasts to put their efforts towards a good cause. The app tackles the global issues of both hunger and obesity by enabling corporate sponsors to match the calories burned by users in food calories for malnourished children around the world. Companies either participate as advertisers, or by powering their corporate wellness programs with Burn to Give’s technology. In less than a year, the app has been downloaded by over 400K people, and delivered over 450K meals to children in need.

Company: Cowork Latam
Entrepreneurs: Antonio Garcia, Horacio Justiniano and Sebastian O’Ryan
Description: Cowork Latam is leading the transformation of traditional workspaces in Latin America. Finding an office to work in, renovating and managing it can be a time-consuming and costly hassle for companies. Cowork Latam works with real estate develops to finance the refurbishment of premier offices across the region, creating spaces that allow large corporations and entrepreneurs to collaborate in an environment of radical collaboration.


Company: Matternet
Entrepreneur: Andreas Raptopoulos
Description: Matternet has developed one of the world’s leading technology platforms for on-demand, aerial delivery in urban environments. The company currently provides drone delivery services for hospitals in the United States and Europe, transporting life-savings parcels over dense, urban environments. Matternet was the first company to begin revenue-generating drone flights in the United States and recently entered into an exclusive, multi-year partnership agreement with UPS to roll-out services at other hospitals across the country. With proprietary cloud-based software, installed infrastructure solutions, cutting edge hardware, and regulatory backing, Matternet is poised to seize upon the coming revolution in drone delivery.

Company: NumberAI
Entrepreneur: Tasso Roumeliotis
Description: NumberAI is a business messaging platform that enables SMEs to engage in two-way conversations with customers across different messaging services including SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp. The technology turns landlines into messagable numbers and provides small businesses with the tools and functionality to deal with an array of consumer needs. Numa, the AI platform, learns from interactions and can automate an increasing portion of customer service, including responses to FAQs, ordering, appointments, and reputation management. This platform is a solution to two problems: the inability of SMEs to keep up with inbound calls, and the obsolescence of the telephone call as an efficient communication tool between customers and small businesses. Eliminating these hurdles enables SMEs to quickly address customer needs before they move to competitors. The company is strategically  leveraging telecoms as a growth channel to access SMEs at scale.


Company: Sailogy
Entrepreneur: Manlio Accardo
Description: Sailogy aims to revolutionize the boat charter industry, making seafaring vacations commonplace. Connecting directly to charter companies existing global distribution systems (GDS), Sailogy automates the process of listing, pricing, and selling bookings, leaving charters free to focus on customer experience, boat maintenance, and operations. This affords customers a trusted online marketplace to browse destinations, search for boat options, and receive instant confirmation upon booking their vacation.

Company: Travel Appeal
Entrepreneur: Mirko Lalli
Description: Travel Appeal (TA) is a B2B tech company which leverages its proprietary AI product stack to deliver predictive analysis and insights for organizations operating in the travel sector. TA’s software gathers millions of data points from various online sources including review sites, social media, government data and search trends. It then analyzes the data based upon client goals to deliver recommendations to climb the rankings on OTAs and reputation channels, boost sales and out-maneuver competition. The company also offers an AI chatbot to improve customer service and improve brand loyalty.


Company: Copia
Entrepreneurs: Tim Steel, Crispin Murira and Tracey Turner
Description: Copia delivers underserved consumers the choice, convenience and opportunity they deserve through a network of digitally-enabled agents located close to their home. These customers live in areas where access to supermarkets and other formal retail is not available. The global economy has passed them by and seeks its fortune elsewhere. Copia’s agents recruit customers, advise them on available products and promotions, place orders, pay and receive deliveries. The company also offers an online shopping site that allows urban or diaspora customers to buy goods for delivery to their family and friends in rural areas


Company: AppHarvest
Entrepreneur: Jonathan Webb
Description: AppHarvest is leading a paradigm shift in American agriculture that will dramatically increase output per acre and reduce the US’ reliance on fresh produce imports while shrinking the environmental costs of farming. The company is currently building North America’s largest greenhouse, the first in a series of massive indoor farms, which will produce tomatoes and cucumbers year-round using water-efficient, pesticide-free, hydroponic growing techniques.

Company: Capture Higher Ed
Entrepreneurs: Eric Shriner, Leonard Napolitano and Steve Huey
Description: Capture Higher Ed (“Capture”) offers a path towards a smarter, more streamlined recruiting cycle. Capture is a machine learning-enabled analytics platform that analyzes student data and online behavior to identify and reach prospects who are likely to apply, enroll, and ultimately graduate. Capture’s services leverage industry-leading data science to make sense of vast troves of prospect data – from time spent on a college’s website to the price of milk in a prospect’s hometown – to predict prospect behavior and inform client goals, from optimizing marketing spend to recruiting more diverse classes.


Company: Territorium Life
Entrepreneurs: Carlos Elizondo and Gerardo de Jesus Saenz Gonzalez
Description: Many LMS platforms are simply re-creations of the traditional classroom in a digital setting – there are a myriad of missed opportunities to leverage data and technology to create better learning outcomes for users. Territorium enables college students and corporate employees to track skill development, then follow-up on goals through courses and experiences recommended by a proprietary algorithm. Territorium aims to link learning to long-term development goals and job prospects for college students, and to productivity and career development for professionals.


Company: Field Agent
Entrepreneurs: Rick West, Kelly Miller, Henry Ho and Marc Yount
Description: In the age of digital transformation, physical retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands are struggling to match the level of data available to online players regarding customer engagement, shopping experience, market trends, and overall performance. Enter Field Agent (FA), the mobile-first platform that is harnessing the power of millions of consumers and their smartphones to upend the $260B market research and digital marketing industries. Field Agent combines technology with customization, while contributing to the on-demand economy by rewarding everyday shoppers (agents) for completed missions with cash payments.


Company: iVisa
Entrepreneurs: Sergio Merino and David Perez
Description: The process of applying for a visa can involve government bureaucracy, long forms, and inefficient means of payment. Governments focused on safety fail to offer a positive customer experience. Founded in 2013, iVisa is a third-party visa processor that simplifies the process of applying for a visa, saving foreign travelers time and frustration. Its website is available in 13 languages and accepts 150+ currencies. Through the first nine months of 2019, iVisa has processed over 100K visas to 48 countries. With this foundation, iVisa plans to expand with the growing e-Visa market and provide seamless world travel to its customers


Company: Brooklyn Fitboxing
Entrepreneur: Pablo Nebrera Salcedo
Description: Brooklyn Fitboxing is a franchised boutique fitness concept which combines music, non-contact boxing, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in a way that is approachable and fun for all levels. Each class is led by certified trainer, assisted by a video display that shows the exercises, and the scorings of each fitboxer. The patented system incorporates high-tech sensors in each bag that track synchronization, power, and calories burned for instant feedback and some healthy competition. It takes the atmosphere a step further with gamification, offering tournaments, a World Championship, and other events across the entire system. With 130 franchises and 50K customers across 11 countries in Europe, Lat-Am, US, and Africa, Brooklyn Fitboxing is quickly growing in the $9.5B boutique fitness industry.


Company: Volt Lines
Entrepreneur: Ali Halabi
Description: As urbanization continues to accelerate, the efficient use of mobility assets in big cities — reducing the growing number of empty seats in traffic — is important as climate change becomes a pressing priority. Volt Lines is a shared mobility network that’s aiming to create an alternative mode of transportation, combining the comfort of a car with the affordability of a public transit network. The network today is made up of 16-seater premium buses that service the commute between residential and business districts. The fast growth experienced by Volt Lines so far is an early indication that this new mode of transportation is about to redefine sustainable urban mobility in Metropolitan areas in Europe and the Middle East.


Company: TruKKer
Entrepreneur: Gaurav Biswas
Description: TruKKer is disrupting the Gulf’s $20B road freight industry as its largest tech-enabled truck aggregator. In less than three years, TruKKer has amassed a fleet of 15,000+ trucks across seven countries, and now expanding rapidly to other parts of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. Through its real-time matching of loads with trucks, truckers receive steady job flow and immediate payment. TruKKer’s hundreds of industrial clients enjoy the service of a reliable trucking supplier with advanced customer interface, data analytics, and lower rates than traditional carriers.


Company: Ecomobi
Entrepreneur: Thanh Truong
Description: Ecomobi is a social selling platform that connects influencers/content creators to brands and ecommerce merchants across Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. The platform enables e-commerce sites and brands to sell and advertise their products directly to customers via a chatbot that integrates with KOLs’ (key opinion leaders) social media pages, such as on Facebook, Instagram, Line and more. Ecomobi automatically connects brands/merchants to the most relevant KOLs, eliminating the need for businesses to verify influencers and enabling them to track and optimize sales. The company will go beyond its core platform offering with the launch of its “Full Service Model” by the end of this year. Instead of just using chatbots to connect fans to third parties, Ecomobi will own and operate online stores branded by KOLs and will generate revenue through sales to fans and other customers.