Endeavor Indonesia Impact Report 2022

Endeavor Indonesia released its 2022 Impact Report during its 11th-anniversary event on Wednesday, 15 February 2022. This report celebrates the impact of Endeavor Indonesia’s ecosystem in 2022, also highlights its 11 years journey from 2012 to 2022.

Key Insights:

  • 16 Endeavor Entrepreneurs from 9 companies were selected in 2022. With them joining, Endeavor Indonesia has now selected and supported 86 Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneurs leading 60 companies since 2012.
  • Endeavor Entrepreneurs has generated $2.5B in revenue and created 21.3K direct jobs. Not to mention¬†hundreds of thousands of farmers, fishermen, MSMES, and truck drivers that are empowered and impacted by our Endeavor Entrepreneurs
  • 84 mentors in Indonesia and Singapore have contributed 553 hours of mentoring sessions in 2022.
  • $594.5M equity raised in 2022 by 12 Endeavor Entrepreneurs companies in Indonesia.
  • Our new program Endeavor Scale Up is going stronger. Batch 4 is about to start in early March.
  • Three Endeavor network received Endeavor Mentor of The Year 2022, Endeavor Entrepreneur of The Year 2022, and Pay-It-Forward Entrepreneurs of The Year 2022.

What have we done since 2012? Read our 11 years journey in a nutshell and the whole 2022 report below