Endeavor Indonesia Impact Report 2016-2018: Unlocking High-Impact Entrepreneurship

Dear Endeavor friends,

Welcome to the second edition of Endeavor Indonesia Impact Report.

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary this February, we would like to honor some of the amazing work and impact that our network has achieved in the past few years.

In this report you will find the early stories of Endeavor and Endeavor Indonesia – how we come to being, our mission and values, how we work, and a highlight of what we have achieved together. We hope this can remind us again how far we have come, and serve as additional information to some of you who are new to our network.

We also hope you enjoy some of the inspirational stories of our entrepreneurs and mentors. We have thus far selected and supported 43 Endeavor Entrepreneurs with 250+ local mentors and experts, and 3,100+ world wide. The Faces of Impact section of the report highlights some of them. Take Aldi Haryopratomo, for example. His company Mapan (was acquired by Gojek, one of Indonesia’s large tech company), powered over 170,000 agents — many of them women at the bottom of the pyramid — become economically self-sufficient by introducing technology to their mom-and-pop shops. Another example is Bukalapak. The founders Achmad Zaky and Fajrin Rasyid enable over 4 million Small Medium Enterprises across Indonesia’s 17,000 islands through Bukalapak’s technology platform. There are many other impactful entrepreneurs you can find in this report so make sure you don’t miss them!

As may you know, our work at Endeavor goes beyond supporting our Endeavor Entrepreneurs. In order to extend our reach, we have launched other initiatives to be able to expand our support to the earlier stage and aspiring entrepreneurs. Together with Ideafest, we launched Spice-Up Boot Camp, a business accelerator for entrepreneurs in the Food & Beverage industry. We also launched Endeavor x Tjakap, our online live classes on startup case studies. The program aims to help Indonesian aspiring entrepreneurs, young professionals, and university students, especially outside Jakarta, to sharpen their entrepreneurial mindset. You can read about these, and the many ways we support entrepreneurs and the ecosystem in this later part of report.

In the last 7 years, we have set a great foundation for the next phase of Endeavor Indonesia, ready to aim higher and bolder in supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We could not have achieved any of this without the support of all of you: Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Mentors, fellow Endeavor Board Members and staff, and partners. We look forward to continuing this amazing path of High-Impact Entrepreneurship together!

Onwards and upwards,

Harun Hajadi & Sati Rasuanto

View the report live here.